Eddington Road Tunnel: North Fitzroy off-ramps to add to inner city gridlock

A storm of dissent is gathering in the inner city over the proposed Eddington road tunnel. There has been unprecedented interest in the proposed North Fitzroy tunnel openings onto Queens Parade, highlighted by Clifton Hill community planning group, "3068". The Eddington Study said the tunnel would have no city exits to avoid exacerbating traffic congestion where Alexandra Parade becomes one long 3-lane exit into the city from the Eastern Freeway and East-Link. But the Queens Parade tunnel off-ramps described in the consultant’s technical report would push more commuter and freight traffic onto Queens Parade and Alexandra Parade, doubling the traffic on Queens Parade, with trucks from the port and the west heading up to Heidelberg Road. Western suburbs commuters would gain access to the city via Smith St, Wellington St and Hoddle St. As well as the existing air-pollution, six underground lanes of cars and trucks would add further toxic exhaust fumes into the local airshed via unfiltered vent stacks every 2km along the tunnel route. The tunnel openings would destroy the Triangle Park and Smith reserve next to the Fitzroy Pool. There would be an elevated ramp at the interchange, possibly over the 4.3 hectare Gasworks site, which would prevent the planned redevelopment of the site for community purposes. The 3068 Group is preparing an alternative plan for the Gasworks site based on community needs and residents’ ideas.

3068 information stall & Public Meetings

3068 will set up an information stall on Queens Parade again this Saturday June 14 from 10am – 12noon, at Queens Parade shopping village (near Michael St, North Fiztroy). This will give residents another opportunity to see how the Eddington tunnel would affect Clifton Hill, North Fitzroy and the Gasworks Urban Design Framework (which includes apartments and an indoor sports centre). There will be another opportunity to see the plans Thursday night June 12, 7pm, at Fitzroy Town Hall where speakers Dr Paul Mees and Yarra councillor Steve Jolly will launch the Yarra residents’ campaign against the tunnel. To contact The 3068 Group: the3068group@netspace.net.au PO Box 118 Clifton Hill 3068 Other public meetings on the Eddington plan include: – Public Forum on Transport and Climate Change (Public Transport Users Association) 15 June 2008 Time 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm Date: Saturday 15 June 2008 Venue: Melbourne Town Hall In addition to an update on the latest climate change science, the PTUA forum will consider options for reducing transport emissions and whether Sir Rod Eddington’s report is appropriate for a carbon-constrained world. http://www.ptua.org.au/2008/05/19/speeding-towards-dangerous-climate-change – City of Melbourne Council Meeting – Tunnels Vote 24 June 2008 Time: 5:30 pm Date: Tuesday 24 June 2008 Venue: Town Hall Swanston Street Melbourne. Show support for the anti-tunnel Councillors and disapproval of Lord Mayor John So’s position.