Victoria’s planning mess: how we got there and how we get out of it – Professor Michael Buxton

Link – Prof. Buxton talk   –  41 minute video

Link – Questions & Answer session   –   41 minute video

Transcript of Prof.Buxton talk (pdf – 12p)

The links above take you to an address by Dr Michael Buxton, Associate Professor of Environment and Planning at RMIT University. He spoke at Save Our Suburbs’ AGM on November 20th, 2011, analysing Victoria’s planning malaise and possible solutions. His presentation was followed by a question and answer session.

Professor Buxton has held senior positions in government planning and environmental agencies, been a Victorian local councillor and Mayor, and is a former lecturer at Monash University.  His research at RMIT has focussed mainly on  issues relating to urban consolidation and the urban growth boundary.  He is also a frequent media commentator on planning issues.

We are very grateful for his contribution, which clarifies the ongoing debate over how Melbourne’s town planning system should function.

DVD copies of Professor Buxton’s talk and the Q & A session are available now – contact us HERE by email to inquire about ordering one ($5)