SOS Planning Update – Community Planning Groups, August 2014

There are several important events coming up that address the democratic planning and liveability of Melbourne. Please let your members and friends know about these coming events:

* “Power to the People  – reclaiming control of electricity in Victoria” – Wednesday, Sept 3, 6.30-9pm Brunswick Town Hall    (see flyer ) Power to the People Flyer-2014-09-03

Energy bills out of control.Power companies standing in the way of renewable energy.

State and Federal Governments doing nothing to lead the climate change or energy debate. 

It’s time for communities to demand reform of the energy sector and governments to take action……

This is a public forum to learn about how consumers of electricity can reclaim control over their power bills, and more particularly, how the power companies are getting away with massive bill hikes every year. Expert speakers will outline how the current National Energy Rules are exploited for huge power company profits with little protection for the consumer. The myths around renewable energy solutions will be debunked, and the links between electricity supply/demand and climate change explored.

* The Great Population Debate – between Kelvin Thomson (MP for Wills) & Robert Doyle (Lord Mayor of Melbourne), Mon. 13 Oct. at 5.30 – 7pm, Deakin Edge.