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SOS Update – July 2014 Election Lead-Up

In the lead-up to the state election, there are several important events coming up addressing issues vital to the democratic planning and liveability of Melbourne. Our Full Article can be found here

  • Accommodating population growth.
  • Upgrading infrastructure assets and services.
  • Living standards.
  • VCAT fees have risen astronomically.
  • The new Plan Melbourne strategy is unashamedly designed to facilitate development, not regulate it.

At the very least, we need a wide public debate on future planning for Victoria.

* The next Victoria First meeting is this Sat. 2 Aug. at 2 pm, at the Frankston Life Saving Club. Featuring Ian Hundley (PTUA) speaking on “The transport crisis in the Frankston area Continue reading

Why is it only consumers who are on water restrictions?

There is an interesting article in todays Age which points out how much water is being used/wasted by a number of institutions.

The main questions I have are –

  • Why are consumers on water restrictions when industry and government aren’t?
  • Why, when farmers have restrictions on how much water they can pull out of a river, a factory can still do whatever it likes?
  • Why is the price for water going up for consumers, but industry can still buy water very cheaply?

If anybody has a sensible answer to these questions, post it below!