Free Legal Referral

The Law Institute of Victoria website offers a free 30min legal consultation, often with the lawyer of your choice, if they are a member of a law firm that’s on the LIV list. See LIV Referrals.

This at least allows you to find out if your case has strong enough grounds to be worth pursuing. Make sure you find out what information you need to bring to the consultation when you actually book the lawyer. If you go ahead with further consultations beyond this point, make sure you find out first what costs will be involved.

Planning and other legislation is available on line. See Victorian Legislation

If you require further advice or a professional referral, use our Contact form to email us or call our phone message service on 9513 9674 (emails are quicker!).

One thought on “Free Legal Referral

  1. Anna

    Would any of your members have the planning legal expertise to assist regarding the application PP14/00958, 725 to 757 Riversdale road, Middle Camberwell. The 4,000 sq m subject site currently houses a row of shops single / double storey. The proposal is for a 7 level, 15.5m high development on the site, which council has refused and is listed for hearing at VCAT. Subject site adjoins Hertage Overlay 191. No hearing date as yet, possibly May / June 2015. Look forward to hearing from you.

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