Getting information about development applications from Council planning files

Application documents including plans and consultants reports are now available from many councils in electronic form (which also means no photocopy costs) – just ring up and ask!

If you have any problem getting documents from Council (either electronically or as photocopies), quote the Practice Note on Access to Planning Files from the Department of Planning and Community Development (DPCD)

One thought on “Getting information about development applications from Council planning files

  1. Marc DAVISON


    Urgently require initial advice on how to upgrade Heritage Overlay for CRUCIAL “interior” “trigger” upgrading as officially advised by Stonnington City Council for a possibly unique for its era and scale 1932 Art Deco dwelling whose architect Henry Gill is now known with other vital details which were unknown when the original overlay was proposed.

    Please assist with basic approach as hungry developers and 2014 sudden main road regulations are of deep concern to surrounding neighbours ie this is one of the last remaining undeveloped main road corner sites in the district; please contact me ASAP please with info as I’m a mere novice in this area and have maintained this property in utterly original antebellum features for 3 decades.

    Thank you.
    Marc 9885 6271
    ps. I once had the opportunity of collaborating with the Forges in another Caulfield based issue.
    p.p.s. Images available.

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