Guest speakers – SOS AGMs

Suburban Trees and Urban Sustainability – 2015

Dr Greg Moore was Principal of Burnley College at Melbourne University, Lecturer and Head of the School of Resource Management. He has a specific interest in arboriculture, the scientific study of tree cultivation and management. See For a Great Return on Investment, Try Trees
See SOS AGM 2015

Plan Melbourne and coping with growth – 2014

Professor Brendan Gleeson is Professor of Urban Policy Studies and Director of the Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute at Melbourne University. See: See transcript SOS AGM 2014

Can Plan Melbourne Create Better Suburbs? – 2013

Professor Carolyn Whitzman, Associate Professor of Urban Planning at Melbourne University. See SOS AGM 2013 SOS 2013 AGM Whitman PPT text.

Community consultation for democratic planning – how they did it in Vancouver and Perth – 2012

Dr Crystal Legacy is a former researcher at the University of Melbourne, where she completed her PhD on how metropolitan strategic plans were developed in Vancouver and Perth and how the feedback from deliberative community consultation can be translated into planning policy. She has wide practical and research experience in Canada and Australia on planning and governance, sustainable cities and urban renewal. She will speak on “Democratic Urban Planning Strategies – why we need deliberative community consultation, and how they did it in Vancouver and Perth”
See transcript SOS AGM 2012

Victoria’s planning mess: how we got there and how we get out of it – 2011

Professor Michael Buxton at the SOS AGM on 20 November 2011:
Dr Michael Buxton is Associate Professor of Environment and Planning at RMIT University. He has held senior positions in government planning and environmental agencies, been a Victorian local councillor and Mayor, and is a former lecturer at Monash University.  His research at RMIT has focussed mainly on  issues relating to urban consolidation and the urban growth boundary.  He is also a frequent media commentator on planning issues. At our AGM, he analysed Victoria’s planning malaise and possible solutions.
See transcript and video SOS AGM 2011