SOS Mission Statement

Our Mission is to protect and enhance the status of Melbourne as being one of the most liveable cities in the world through promoting sound urban planning and design policies and principles which:

  • maintain or improve neighbourhood amenity,
  • are environmentally sensitive and sustainable,
  • are democratic and consultative in nature
  • and which form part of an integrated vision for the future growth of Melbourne and surrounds.

For more details view the Save Our Suburbs Statement of Purposes.

Also view the SOS Articles of Association (revised 2006)


SOS notes that while increasing population exacerbates all other problems, it is external to our mandate and specific aims.

Major reform of planning policy & practice is needed irrespective of changes in population demographics.

As a planning advocacy group we maintain our focus on planning reform and allow other organizations to pursue wider issues that they are more appropriately established to tackle.


History of SOS:

“Save Our Suburbs and the Struggle Against Inappropriate Development” 

by Margot Huxley, Institute for Social Research, 2002;    click here to open

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