Statement of Purposes



(Associations Incorporation Act 1981 – Section 5B Amended 9/11/2006)


Recognising that the well-being of our society for current and future generations is dependent upon maximizing the amenity of our neighbourhoods while providing adequate infrastructure to facilitate communication, transport and the provision of services in an environmentally sustainable way, Save Our Suburbs has adopted the following aims:

  1. To promote increased awareness of the impact of town planning and building policies in Victoria, particularly in relation to medium and higher density development in the suburbs of Melbourne.
  2. To develop and promote policy on the location and form of housing, commercial development, and activity centers in the context of the preservation and/or improvement of neighbourhood amenity, the availability of mass transit, and the need for environmentally sustainable development.
  3. To develop and promote policy on the planning and building processes and issues at Local, State, and Federal Government level.
  4. To work with and lobby organizations and all levels of government for the adoption of our proposed changes to policy and legislation in relation to town planning, building and development in general.
  5. To provide guidance to Councillors, State or Federal Members of Parliament to assist them to effectively perform their responsibilities in the town planning area.
  6. To provide guidance to residents and residents’ organisations to help them acquire the skills and knowledge to be able to challenge inappropriate development and become involved in the process of improving planning outcomes.
  7. To use its funds as a non-profit Association to further its goals as stated above.

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