‘Residents’ Voice’ is the SOS newsletter which is sent to members, councillors and state politicians in Victoria, as well as some media outlets and community organizations.

We also have our eUpdate issue brief as sent out to our mailing list.

SOS eUpdate 6 November 2014
Candidates’ Survey – SOS 2014 AGM – Election Debate – Petition for Commission into political donations – Foreign Investment rules – Planning Alerts – Unscrupulous developers failing to erect advertising signs

SOS eUpdate 4 October 2014
RACV Board – Population Debate – Charter on Public Transport – EW Link

SOS Newsletter #31, 30 September 2014
KPIs cut from Plan Melbourne – VCAT fee hike – SOS supports  challenge to EW Link – Beware s89 – Implementation of New Zones – Help for Objectors arguing Rescode at VCAT – Dual Occupancy by Stealth

SOS eUpdate  31 July 2014
Vic State Election lead up

SOS New Year eUpdate, 31 January 2014
VCAT Ref Case – VCAT Recording – EastWest Link – Plan Melbourne

SOS eUpdate December 2014
Plan Melbourne – VicSmart – NewZones

SOS eUpdate 8 February 2013
Baillieu’s huge VCAT fee rises – have your say, and on the Metro Strategy

SOS Newsletter 28 November 2012
Community groups rally to STOP THE PLANNING DISASTER – Thursday Nov.29

SOS Newsletter 29 November 2011

SOS Newsletter 26 April 2010

SOS Newsletter 25 October 2009

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  1. Anna Marulli

    Hello, I am a resident in James Street, Surrey Hills. A proposed apartment development where Planning Permit Application has been posted on the property on the corner of 474 Whitehorse and James St’s Surrey Hills for a three storey block of 11 apartments is proposed.

    Last night a group of residents in the surrounding area met to discuss opposing the application. We have until 17 November to put in our objection to this application.

    A group of residents from the surrounding area will be meeting tomorrow (Saturday, 14 November at 10am at the site) to do a door knock and mail drop to alert the residents in area of this planning application.

    Our concern is the growing number of apartments either currently underway or being proposed along Whitehorse Road and the change to our neighbourhood along with the traffic management along Whitehorse Road.

    We seek the support from the Save Our Suburbs and seek advice and guidance from SOS as to ways to successfully oppose this worrying change to our the our area.

    In the meeting last night it was discussed as to how SOS can be of any assistance and I was asked to look into the opportunity of having either a representative from SOS or advice as we would are planning to stage a protest at the site highlighting the impact of what these proposed apartments are having on our area. The increased traffic, pedestrian safety and the lack of interest on the impact of building projects of 11 apartments where once stood a family home is having on our beautiful area.

    Can you help us? or give us advice?

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Yours sincerely,

    Anna Marulli
    0417 824 975

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